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Marketable Securities

Donate stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

Make a tax-deductible donaton

Giving Marketable Securities has several benefits: you receive an immediate income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities you transfer.  In addition, you pay no capital gains on the difference between your cost and the fair market value.

There are 2 steps needed to give marketable securities to GO Church

STEP 1: Initiate the Transfer
You or your broker may electronically initiate the transfer of shares to the GO Church brokerage account. Use the following information in order to deliver your securities:

Brokerage:  Fidelity Investments
Phone:  800-343-3548
Account Name:  GO Church
DTC:  0226
Account Number:  Z40-329731

STEP 2: Notify GO Church
In order for your contribution to be attributed to the correct fund and campus, notifying us of this information will help us serve you better.


Please provide the following information by email, mail, or phone:

  • Donor’s full name and address

  • Name and number of securities transferred

  • Date of transfer

  • Name of campus (i.e. South Metro Atlanta, Germantown, Westside)

  • Name of fund (i.e. “Giving” or “Legacy Offering”)

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